Max Powers, REALTOR®

Max Powers is living in the Columbia Valley since 1994 and have worked as a builder, contractor, land development, house design and marketing makes a good fit to serve the real estate selling and buying market.

Max is a dynamic personality who people warm to easily, he engages people in a way which helps them see the possibilities of life and business. His life is full of different adventurers such as pioneering the Internet with a hosting, Internet marketing and software development company to a Paragliding and Ultralight aircraft School to a Kayak, Canoe and SUP school and tour company and competing for 8 years in one of the toughest Adventure race in the world ( Max has parlayed his success as an entrepreneur and extreme sports into a business strategy consulting practice combined with a strategy development program and regenerative health consultation.

Office Location: 4930 Highway 93, Radium Hot Springs
Office Phone Number: 778-527-2121

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