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Dave McGrath

Hello!  I have a passion for hacking life!  My Mom always told me "one day you're going to have to grow up and get serious about life!"  I have spent my entire life trying to prove her wrong!  I'm now my 50's and so far I've got a few "told ya so's" for my great Mother!  I have a long background in food and beverage from bartending in the late 80's to management to owning my own nightclub, restaurant and coffee shop.  Great life hacking there - but great times come with some stress - so in 2002 my wife, Cathy and I decided to sell it all, pack up the kids and head for the hills...more specifically, Panorama - where I landed a job as a Food and Beverage Manager.  Life certainly changed for all of us - with my oldest in grade one at the time.  We have carved out a great life here in the valley and none of us will ever leave again! 

In 2009 I decided to become a Realtor - for 3 easy reasons - I love working with people, I love this valley and there is nothing I love more than helping great people discover what I did a long time ago - Life is Simply Better in the Mountains! 

I get to work in the most spectacular setting in the world and with some of the most amazing people I would ever get to meet! I am surrounded by the world's greatest  outdoor playground which I love playing in endlessly!  We have a  saying out here "we do things on a random Wednesday afternoon, that most people only get to do once or twice a year on their holiday!"  That, my friends, is MY life hack - and I LOVE life!   

I would like to show you how My Life is Better Than Your Vacation!  Call or follow me for more life hacks!  



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4930 Highway 93, Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia, V0A 1M0

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