Canal Flats: From Sawmill Town To High-Tech Hub

Canal Flats is a scenic small town in the Canadian Rockies, between the Kootenay River and Columbia Lake.

Founded some 150 years ago and incorporated only as late as 2004, Canal Flats has always been a town in transition. From transport hub to farmland, to timber processing center - and now perhaps the biggest change yet is coming to Canal Flats as they make the transition to high-tech business.


The backstory is that in 1928 the Canadian Pacific Rail company moved a sawmill to Canal Flats. In 2015, the sawmill closed operation, placing a big question mark over the destiny of this small town for which lumber and wood processing was a big business and an important employer.

Then, investors bought a large tract of land at the southeast…

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Making The Most Of Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and many people are thinking about what their spring cleaning will look like this year. Before you get started it’s important to have a clear plan. If you are finding the list of tasks too daunting, remember it doesn’t have to be done all at once. Spreading out the deep cleaning and decluttering tasks over a period of time allows you to chip away at the list while still having time for your day-to-day life.

Planning For Success

Identifying the areas that you would like to focus on will help you plan for success. You’ll know what cleaning supplies to have on hand for each job and what items need to be replenished. Next, create a schedule and work through your home room by room. You don't have to clean your entire space over the…

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